MOARA Lighting Collection 2012

Design: Somerset Harris, 2012
Presentation: July 2012
Commercialised: No
Prototyped: No

was designed taking into consideration a micro - market niche starred by the collections Kalypso (Lucente) and Falling Water (Tobias Grau) where I believe there is enough room (for both the domestic and contract markets) to exploit new products. Unlike these two designs, Moara is a broader collection by introducing new models like a floor lamp, table-lamp and chandeliers. Proportions, shapes and distribution of light also vary with respect to the above.

Moara is constructed with a spin forming aluminium housing (Ø110 mm x 88 mm) and a pressed glass diffuser (Ø110 mm x 30/50 mm) to complete rounded shape. The "tail" at the back is an mechanized aluminium bar (conified Ø20> Ø12 x 140 mm). I presented two solutions, a version using G9 halogen bulb 32W / 42W and a version using LED reflector GU10 6W, with the advantage that this one can use coloured glass diffusers as they don't interfere with light.

The finishes for the metal would be chrome plated, glossy black lacquered or satin white. For the glass diffuser, in the case of the G9 option, transparent polished or satin-finished, in the case of LED GU10 it would be also finished in satin-white or use colour glass as glossy black-ruby, green, amber...

Materials: Spin forming aluminium, chrome plated finish metals, glossy black or satin white lacquered metals.

Lampshades: satin-white / glossy black-ruby / green or amber coloured pressed glass.

Bulb type: LED reflector GU10 6W, Halogen G9 Eco 32W/42W

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